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Amend Surgical

Redefining Adhesive Technologies Across Dental and Surgical Applications

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Product not yet approved for use by the FDA

Amend Tissue Tape

Bio-inspired, long-lasting adhesive and barrier protection for wet and mechanically demanding environments

Amend Tissue Tape is changing the future of oral wound care. Harnessing the power of a natural glue and barrier that adheres and protects wounds for the duration of oral wound healing.

Until today, short-acting, difficult-to-use glues, resins and suture have been the only option for wound protection following oral and dental surgery. We’re changing that.

Product not yet approved for use by the FDA

Two people in full protective gear in a lab looking at a computer Tissue Tape example on a model mouth

Future Product Innovations & Research

Protected by multiple patents, Tissue Tape and Tissure technologies, will be further developed to transport targeted and site-specific drug delivery.

These novel combination products would be used to enhance regenerative outcomes by delivering therapeutics such as anti-inflammatory and pro-regenerative molecules to targeted sites.

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