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Tissure™ For Suture-Less Nerve Repair

Tissure is a degradable, hydrogel and chitosan-based nerve-adhesive that provides barrier protection at the coaptation site and has the adhesion and mechanical strength required to eliminate the need for the suture to reconnect and repair peripheral nerves.

The product is comprised of two parts, a hydrogel and an adhesive, that are combined intraoperatively.

The hydrogel consists of an interpenetrating network of alginate and polyacrylamide. The product adheres to wet tissue and provides over five times the adhesion energy of cyanoacrylate while also providing flexibility to stretch through a range of motion.

The product will adhere and degrade over the duration of nerve healing.

Clinical Need of Suture-less Nerve Repair

The use of sutures to reconnect severed nerve ends is the current standard of care, but placing multiple sutures traumatizes delicate nerve tissue and can lead to scar formation that impedes nerve regeneration. By eliminating the need for suture, Tissure avoids trauma at the nerve repair interface, isolates and protects the coaptation site, and simplifies the time-consuming and technical aspects required of suture placement.

Tissure Clinical Benefits

  • Adheres gently upon application allowing for repositioning, with light compression on wet nerve tissue
  • Flexible after placement to accommodate inflammation, movement, and swelling
  • Adhesion energy over five times greater than surgical glues
  • Chitosan has been shown to improve axonal regeneration and prevent neuroma formation1
  • Biocompatible, degradable, and sterile

1 Boecker et al, Relevance and recent developments of Chitosan in peripheral nerve surgery. 2019 April; 104(13) Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience.

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